Why Family Dentistry is Crucial

While it’s important to take care of our oral health as adults, these habits often start when we’re children. Family dentistry takes care of dental work at any age, teaching children the right way to take care of their teeth. Dr. Raymond Ribitch of Mid Michigan Smiles, a dentist in Mt. Pleasant, MI, explains the importance of family dentistry.

Creating Healthy Habits

When children recognize how important their oral healthcare is, they can continue to keep up with it throughout their lives. Family dentistry can teach children the proper way for them to brush and floss their teeth at home. We also share information with both children and parents so that they can adopt a balanced diet and make sure they know the best options for their teeth.

Avoiding Dental Fear

Many people suffer from a fear of the dentist. It can occur on a spectrum, whether it’s mild or triggered by something as simple as the environment of the office. When children are used to going to the dentist in their early years, they’re less likely to develop this fear. You can support them during their treatment and they can see you doing the same, so they know the dentist isn’t something they have to be afraid of.

Catching Problems Early

As children grow and change, their mouths develop and change along with them. This development stage is crucial to how their mouths will be in the future. If they’re seeing a dentist regularly, we can take notice of any issues that arise early on. We may notice the need for Invisalign or further orthodontic services in the future.

Depending on the issues that are found, we can recommend a quality specialist in the area to help your child. Early orthodontic treatment, such as palate expanders, can help prevent more extensive treatment in the future.

Child-Specific Treatment Options

There are certain treatment options that are specifically recommended for children. For instance, we offer fluoride treatments at the end of each cleaning and checkup for them. This helps to keep the tooth enamel on their teeth stronger and less susceptible to things like tooth decay.

You can also ask about dental sealants. These are placed on the back molars, in the crevices that are often hard to reach. These areas are particularly prone to dental cavities, as they can be hard to reach while you’re brushing. Dental sealants offer a layer of extra protection for the most prone areas in your mouth.

Family Dentistry at Your Mt. Pleasant, Michigan Dentist

Family dentistry gives the family the option to all come in at once for convenient simultaneous treatment. Call us or schedule an appointment online to get started.