What Is Destination Dentistry?

Have you ever considered including a smile makeover or full mouth reconstruction as a part of your travel plans?

Finding the right dentist to work with you to achieve the smile you desire can be difficult. It is important to take the training, experience, personality, and overall skill of the dentist into consideration when embarking on a costly treatment plan. For this reason, opening up your aperture and considering a destination dental vacation can put you in the chair of a highly trained and skilled dentist who can offer exceptional results. You are making an investment in your smile and should find the best possible dental care so that it is a lasting one.

Mount Pleasant dentist Dr. Raymond Ribitch

Destination Dentistry in Michigan

Dr. Raymond Ribitch welcomes patients from all over the state of Michigan and around the country. Dr. Ribitch is a Dawson-trained dentist with advanced training in restorative dental procedures, and cosmetic and implant dentistry. This post-graduate education focuses on the function of the bite. His training with Dawson and the Kois Center has given him the skill to makeover or rebuild smiles that are both healthy and beautiful. Dr. Ribitch goes beyond the “appearance” of the smile and ensures that your dentistry also leaves you with a smile that is comfortable and stable. He can offer you an exceptional patient experience and results that will last years after your smile vacation. Destination dentistry can allow you to relax, focus on your goals for a new smile and go home feeling renewed.

Dr. Ribitch incorporates a range of advanced technology for diagnosing and treating your needs. Digital technology can offer treatment that is less invasive, less painful, and more accurate. He uses in-office digital scanning, 3-D printing, and dental lasers as needed. The technology we choose to use supports more predictable results for patients and also aids in educating you on what is needed and what to expect.

Getting Started

Are you ready to rediscover your smile confidence with a smile makeover? The first step is a virtual appointment with Dr. Ribitch where you can discuss your dental health needs and cosmetic goals. From there, our team will work with you to create your own destination dentistry plan.