Laser Dentistry: What To Know

Have you heard about dental lasers? The benefits of laser technology have been used in the field of dentistry for many years. Dental lasers help us provide dental services that are more accurate and less invasive. When appropriate for your dental health needs, laser dentistry can make your treatment easier, less painful, and often speeds up recovery. A win-win for patients and doctors!

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Dental Lasers: how are they used?

Our dental lasers are used chairside and have convenient handpieces. They can be used on both soft and hard tissue in the mouth for a variety of dental care treatments. Lasers are less noisy and invasive when used for treating tooth decay or gum disease. Patients who feel anxious or nervous in the dentist’s chair can benefit from the use of a dental laser which is often less stressful.

When using a dental laser for your treatment we will ask you to wear protective eyeglasses or sunglasses to minimize any exposure to laser radiation that can damage the eyes. The laser wand is easy to navigate around the tissue to be treated and you will likely only need a local anesthetic to stay completely comfortable. If we are using laser dentistry as part of a more complex or invasive procedure we will discuss options for keeping you comfortable before your visit.

A dental laser uses concentrated light energy to “vaporize” targeted hard or soft tissue. Lasers allow this to be done accurately, minimizing the impact on surrounding healthy tissue. Laser treatment also produces less swelling and bleeding when used for treating soft tissue such as the gums. One of the key benefits of laser dentistry for soft tissue is that it can stimulate faster recovery. This is because the laser energy stimulates the body’s production of collagen which supports the healing process.

We use our dental lasers for a wide range of treatment needs from frenectomies to gum disease. Dental lasers may be used to remove tooth decay. They are also effective for reshaping the gums and treating gum disease. If you are interested in learning more about our dental lasers ask our team next time you visit.