Keeping Your Dentures Clean

Dentures are a type of prosthetic teeth that you can remove from your mouth daily. Among other teeth replacement options, getting dentures is the least invasive process. Additionally, you may find that they are the least painful. If you decide to get dentures for your missing teeth, you need to know how to clean them properly. 

Hand holding dentures soaking in water in a glass restorative dentistry dentist in Mount Pleasant Michigan

Take Your Dentures Out Nightly

It is essential that you take your dentures out every night. When you sleep in dentures, it allows harmful bacteria to multiply when you sleep. Not only does this give you bad breath, but this can also increase your risk of developing pneumonia. As you breathe, you inhale bacteria, which can cause an infection in your lungs. 

Additionally, your mouth needs a break from the dentures. People who leave their dentures in too long can develop sores in their mouths. Sores can be painful. Consequently, these sores can lead to infection if you do not seek treatment. 

While your jaws require the support of dentures, it is possible to wear dentures enough to damage your jaw. Your jaw needs a break from wearing dentures. Otherwise, your bones can begin to deteriorate. 

Avoid Using Abrasives and Harsh Chemicals

When you take your dentures out to clean them, you must make sure that you are using the proper cleaning materials. It can be tempting to use harsh chemicals to get your dentures “squeaky clean.” However, using abrasive materials can actually damage your dentures. 

It would be best to use a soft-bristled toothbrush to clean your dentures. If you use a hard-bristled brush or even certain types of toothpaste, you can leave micro-scratches on the surface of your dentures. Unfortunately, this leaves more room for bacteria to grow and develop. This can increase your chances of developing gum disease or other infections

It may be helpful to ask your dentist for cleaning recommendations. Otherwise, you can use mild, unscented dish soap as a cleanser. Be sure to thoroughly rinse your dentures before placing them in your mouth. 

Avoid Hot Water

While you clean your dentures, you need to use cold or room-temperature water. If you use hot water, the plastic in your dentures can warp. Unfortunately, warped dentures can cause pain and discomfort. Of course, that is if you can put your dentures back in your mouth. Sometimes, they warp enough that it is impossible to get them to stay. 

If you use warped dentures, you can develop sores. Additionally, they are likely to move around your mouth. This can make it difficult to eat or speak without difficulty. 

Soak Your Dentures

When you take your dentures out at night, you must soak them in water or a soaking solution. This helps keep your dentures moist and healthy. Without a proper solution, dentures can dry out. Unfortunately, dentures that become dry are likely to warp. Additionally, dry dentures can house more bacteria. If there are more bacteria in your mouth, you are more likely to develop infections.