The Many Uses of Dental Crowns

Dental crowns are a versatile dental restoration that can serve many different purposes. A crown is a cap that covers the visible part of a tooth, from the gum line to the top of the tooth. Crowns are usually porcelain, metal, or a combination of materials. Additionally, your dentist can use dental crowns for both cosmetic and functional purposes. If you have dental issues, then talk to your dentist about dental crowns. 

The Many Uses of Dental Crowns

Protection for Weakened or Damaged Teeth

Dental crowns are often used to protect teeth that have become weakened or damaged due to decay, cracks, or trauma. Crowns provide a protective barrier that can help prevent further damage and preserve the remaining tooth structure.

Restoration of Broken or Fractured Teeth

When a tooth is broken or fractured, a dental crown can be used to restore its shape, size, and function. Your dentist will place the crown over the remaining tooth structure, restoring the tooth’s appearance and function.

Covering Dental Implants

Dental implants are artificial tooth roots that replace missing teeth. When you receive a dental implant, your dentist will install a dental crown as the last step in the process. This helps create a natural-looking replacement tooth.

Improving the Appearance of Teeth

If you have discolored or misshapen teeth, you can utilize dental crowns to improve the appearance of teeth. During this process, your dentist will customize the crown to match the color, shape, and size of your natural teeth, creating a seamless and natural-looking smile.

Support for Dental Bridges

Dental bridges help replace one or more missing teeth. The bridge consists of a prosthetic tooth or teeth that are held in place by dental crowns on either side. The crowns provide support for the bridge and hold it securely in place. In fact, the dental crown is essential for supporting the dental bridge. 

When a tooth has had a root canal, it can become weakened and more prone to damage. A common practice for root canals involves your dentist installing a dental crown. They will place the crown over the remaining tooth structure to protect it and prevent further damage.

Replacing Large Fillings

Large fillings can weaken a tooth and increase the risk of fracture. Therefore, your dentist will use a dental crown to replace a large filling. This will help provide additional support and protection for the tooth.

Closing Gaps Between Teeth

If you have large gaps between your teeth, you can use dental crowns to close these gaps. Not only can dental crowns benefit the appearance of your smile, but they can also improve your oral health. They do this by making it easier to clean between your teeth

Your dentist will custom-design your dental crowns to fit over the existing teeth, closing the gap and creating a seamless smile.