Mid Michigan Smiles Patient Testimonials

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Do you need professional dental care? Call Mid Michigan Smiles today at (989) 200-3896. Learn what patients have to say about Dr. Raymond Ribitch and his professional team below:

I went to Dr Ribitch in need of help with what I thought was an impossible task. Previously I had orthodontics work when I was a child, which did little to help with my issues. I suffered from a cross bite/under bite and had significant gaps which had been covered up by some bonding work from other dentists. With the help of Dr. Ribitch and his amazing staff, they used a combination of Invisalign and composite material to create the smile I’ve always wanted but never thought I’d have. I’m still in shock at how well it turned out. From the staff up front to all of the assistants, everyone could not have been more kind and professional. Thank you so much to all of you! -Shane Murray
Impeccable professionalism and attention to detail. I always feel as though they take my needs and concerns seriously and provide me the very best in dental services. -Joanne Theunnisen
Excellent patient care!! Being from out of state, I was unsure of which dentist in town to choose. I decided to try Dr. Ribitch, since he was accepting new patients. From the very first phone call to the office, I was impressed. The receptionist spoke kindly to me and informed me of what to expect during my first assessment visit and how much it would cost. They always provide an estimate of what services will cost before you schedule your next appointment to complete those services. I found that very impressive. In the first visit, you have a complete set of x-rays taken, the dentist does a complete assessment of each individual tooth, and a smile assessment is completed. The smile assessment is conducted by you looking closely at your teeth in a mirror and talking about any concerns whether they be aesthetic or functional. The dentist goes over your x-rays with you–they’re presented on a computer screen right in front of you! He talks about any initial problems that need addressed, and then discusses long term aspects. I look forward to my next visit to their office! -Brittany Adams