What are Dental Implants? Mt. Pleasant, MI

Dental implants are a sophisticated method to replace missing or extracted teeth. They can be used to replace any number of teeth from one tooth to all the teeth in your mouth. The entire dental implant system is comprised of three parts that work together to create natural-looking false teeth. They are popular among dentists because they offer many oral health benefits that other options do not. A few of these include: prevents bone loss in the jaw, offers better preservation of the remaining teeth, and they can last a lifetime.

As a top restorative dentist in Mount Pleasant, MI, Dr. Raymond Ribitch offers his clients all types of teeth implant options.

What are Dental Implants Mount Pleasant, MI

The 3 Parts of Dental Implants

Implant Fixture

The implant fixture, also called the implant post, is a cylindrical screw that is made of titanium. Titanium is a strong yet light weight metal that is utilized due to its biocompatibility. This means the human body will not reject it and the surrounding bone will fuse to it. The fixture is inserted into a designated spot along the top or bottom arch. Where along the arch and how many are placed is determined by how many teeth are missing.
Implant fixtures serve two main purposes. The first is to provide durable support for the dental prosthesis. The second is to replace the roots of the missing teeth. By replacing the roots, bone loss is the jaw is prevented.


The abutment is a metal part that will serve as the base of the prosthesis. There are two types of abutments that are used. A healing abutment is attached to the implant immediately following the surgical placement. It helps shape and tightens the gum tissue as it heals. A permanent abutment will essentially act as a connector piece between the implant fixture and the false teeth. It is attached directly to the implant fixture once healing is complete and the healing abutment is removed.

There are many different types of abutments available to support the different types of prostheses. The type of abutment used for a dental crown is completely different from the types that will be used for a denture.

Dental Prosthesis

This is part replaces the crown portions of teeth. There are three main types of dental prosthetic appliances that can be used. A denture is a common prosthesis that can be modified to attach to implant fixtures. Anywhere from four to eight fixtures can be used to support it. One fixture can be used to support a dental crown which can replace a single missing tooth anywhere in the mouth. If you are missing several consecutive teeth, a dental bridge can be attached to at least two implant posts. Your dental prosthesis will be custom made from measurement taken in your mouth. This will ensure that is looks like natural teeth.

If you are looking for the best way to replace your missing teeth, consider an implant-supported prosthesis. Dental implants offer the most life-like solution with little restrictions. Schedule a dental implant consultation with Dr. Ribitch at his Mt. Pleasant, MI dentist office to get started.