Denture Implants Mt. Pleasant, MI

Dr. Raymond Ribitch, a Mt. Pleasant, MI dentist, offers several teeth replacement options for patients missing all of their teeth or the top or bottom arch of teeth. However, denture implants are the only solution that will replace the crown and root portion of the teeth. It is important for patients to learn about both traditional dentures and implant supported dentures. They will be better equipped to make decisions that will support their dental health.

Denture Implants Mt. Pleasant, MI

Dental Implants vs Dentures

Dentists use traditional dentures to treat tooth loss. It is a quick and affordable treatment that many patients have good results with. However, they are not as stable as implant supported dentures. Traditional dentures are held in place with suction and adhesive. This retention method is not always reliable. Sometimes the denture may shift around in the mouth making it difficult to eat, speak, and smile. Since they are not as stable, denture wearers must avoid certain types of food.

Denture implants are much more reliable because they are stable. Since the denture is fixed to implants that are secured in the jaw bone, there is no chance it will move around in your mouth. This eliminates the worry and embarrassment that patients with traditional dentures often have to deal with. Dentists consider them the next best thing to natural teeth. They replace the tooth at the root which will help prevent bone loss in the jaw, another downside of wearing traditional dentures. The implant procedure has a high success rate and most patients will qualify for denture implants.

Types of Denture Implants

A fixed dental implant denture is a type of restoration where the denture is held in place with retaining screws. Only a dentist will able to remove the prosthesis. This is the most natural option since you will never have to remove your teeth. You simply brush it like you have real teeth. It is important to floss everyday between the gums and the denture to avoid an infection. Your dentist will need at least four implant fixtures for the top arch and at least two for the bottom to secure a fixed dental implant denture.

A snap on denture will snap in and out of your mouth instead of being fixed in place with screws. They are not as secure for this reason however, they are more affordable. Many people find them a little more bulky. You simply press the denture down gently onto the implants and it will snap into place. You will have to remove this type of prosthesis daily to clean it.

Both a fixed dental implant denture and an implant secured denture will require a surgical procedure. This is to insert the dental implants into the jaw bone. A traditional denture will not. This is why a denture implants cost more but also the treatment time takes longer. On the other hand, a traditional denture is much cheaper and can be ready in less than a month. To learn more about which option is best for you, book a consultation today with Dr. Ribitch at our Mount Pleasant, MI dental office. You can reach us at 989-772-1344 or by requesting an appointment online.