The Benefits of Dental Implants Mt. Pleasant, MI

Even though there are many options available to replace missing teeth, dental implants are the better choice. They are the number one dentist recommended way to replace missing teeth. As the clear choice for tooth replacement, Dr. Raymond Ribitch will encourage each patient that qualifies to consider dental implants. They offer superior advantages and come with a high success rate. Dr. Ribitch offers all types of dental implants at his practice located in Mt. Pleasant, MI.

The Benefits of Dental Implants Mt. Pleasant MI

Benefits of Dental Implants

Permanent Solution

Traditional tooth replacement solutions will not last forever. However, dental implants are meant to last a lifetime. If you maintain proper oral health, the implants can remain functional forever. Proper oral health involves proper brushing and flossing every day. Also, you need to visit your Mount Pleasant, MI dentist every six months.

Prevents Bone Shrinkage

When a tooth goes missing, so does its root. The root of a tooth is what provides the bone with stimulation to help it regenerate. Without the root, the bone will begin to reabsorb and shrink. A dental implant will act as a tooth root. Once it is placed in the bone, it will provide the jawbone with stimulation. This will help the bone regenerate and prevent shrinkage.

Maintain The Natural Shape of Your Face

If choose a denture or bridge to replace your teeth, then your jaw bone will slowly begin to shrink. Over time, this will alter the natural shape of your face. When the jawbone shrinks, the mouth will begin to look sunken in, deep wrinkles will form around the mouth, and your chin will appear more pointed. A dental implant supported restoration will prevent bone loss in the jaw which will help hold the natural shape of your face.

Will Not Harm Remaining Teeth

A dental implant supported restoration does not utilize your healthy, remaining teeth. If you choose a partial denture or a dental bridge, they rely on your remaining healthy teeth to support them. With a dental bridge, the dentist will have to permanently reduce the size of healthy teeth. With a partial denture, the fixture will use healthy teeth to help hold it in place. This will place extra stress on those teeth possibly leading to damage or decay.

Easier to Chew and Speak

Since the implants essentially become one with your jaw bone, they will hold the restoration firmly in place. This makes daily activities such eating and speaking much easier. Other teeth replacement options such as dentures make it hard to enjoy certain foods and even speak clearly. They are bulky and can even shift around in your mouth if they do not fit properly. A dental implant restoration will allow you to chew a greater variety of food. You will also never have to worry about your restoration shifting around, causing slurred speech, or falling out.

Learn More About The Benefits of Dental Implants

Dr. Raymond Ribitch will take the time to explain the many benefits of dental implants at your consultation. You can schedule one today by calling 989-772-1344 or by requesting a consultation online today with Dr. Ribitch at his Mt. Pleasant, MI dentist office.