Implant Supported Crown Mt. Pleasant, MI

Some patients believe a single missing tooth will not cause any harm. However, even one lost tooth can lead to dental problems and should not be ignored. This includes a higher risk of developing gum disease and tooth decay. If the gap is located towards the front of your smile, it will hard to ignore. Feeling self-conscious about your tooth loss can make it difficult to smile or speak.

A dental implant can be used to support a dental crown to replace an individual tooth. Dr. Raymond Ribitch is a talented dentist in Mt. Pleasant, MI that offers single dental implants for replacing a tooth. This solution is better for oral health and everyday life.

Implant Supported Crown in Mt. Pleasant MI

Implant Supported Dental Crown

For many years, the only solution available to dentists was to replace a single missing tooth with a dental bridge. However, this solution has many disadvantages. The dentist has to secure the bridge to two healthy adjacent teeth. These teeth have to be filed down to create room for the bridge. Not only are they permanently altered, they also have endure the extra stress of supporting the bridge. It also does not prevent bone loss in the jaw.

An implant supported dental crown is the best solution to replace a tooth. A single implant fixture is surgically inserted in the jaw bone at the gap. Then Dr. Ribitch will cap it with a dental crown. The process to complete this treatment will take longer to complete than a traditional bridge. However, it will last longer and offers many more benefits.

The benefits of choosing a dental implant supported crown to replace a single missing tooth include:

  • Easy to care for
  • The dental implant will never suffer from decay
  • No natural teeth need to be harmed
  • The implant will prevent bone loss in the jaw
  • The restoration will look and function like a real tooth

Implant Supported Crown Process

The process to replace your tooth with an implant supported dental crown will take much longer than a traditional bridge; at least by a few months. It involves planning, a surgical procedure, months of healing time, and placement of the crown. The first step is to plan out your entire treatment. Dr. Ribitch works with top local oral surgeons for the implantation stage. Once the implant fixture is in place, it will take about three to six months to fully fuse with the surrounding bone. Then your dentist will cap it with a custom made dental crown.

How do I care for my implant supported crown?

To care for your new tooth, you will simply treat it like a real tooth. You will floss around it and brush it along with your natural teeth every day. Scheduling your routine dental appointments every year is very important. Dr. Ribitch will check on the crown at each visit to make sure it is functioning properly.

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