Teeth Whitening Mt. Pleasant, MI

Do you have discolored teeth? Do you want a whiter and brighter smile?

Mount Pleasant, MI dentist Dr. Raymond Ribitch offers the Philips Zoom! Teeth Whitening system for patients that want brighter teeth. The cosmetic dental procedure is quick, painless, and effective at eliminating stains and discoloration. If you have yellowed, stained, or darkened tooth enamel, professional teeth whitening can help.

The most common causes of discolored teeth can include smoking and tobacco use, poor oral hygiene, aging, genetics, and certain medications. Drinks like coffee, tea, soda, and red wine easily stain the tooth enamel when consumed frequently.
Learn more about how you can erase years of stains with Zoom! teeth whitening as well as the benefits of whitening treatment below.

Whiten Teeth in Mount Pleasant, Michigan

Benefits of Professional Tooth Whitening

There are multiple benefits to this method of teeth whitening. Teeth whitening with Zoom!:

  • Reverses effects of aging on teeth
  • Improves tooth health
  • Brightens teeth
  • Is easy to maintain
  • Offers painless treatment
  • Minimizes tooth sensitivity
  • Can improve confidence and self-esteem

Learn more about the teeth whitening procedure below. If you have white spots on your teeth, or stains that have not responded well to teeth whitening before, we provide other cosmetic dental treatments or restorative treatments that may help you brighten your smile.

Zoom! Teeth Whitening Treatment

Zoom! Teeth Whitening is an in-office procedure that can give you whiter teeth in less than two hours. Dr. Ribitch takes care of the entire treatment so all patients have to do is sit back and relax. He will also monitor your sensitivity levels to ensure that you feel comfortable during the whitening process.

The Zoom! procedure consists of three sessions wherein a bleaching gel is applied to teeth. The bleaching gel is activated by a special light that penetrates the tooth enamel. Zoom! can whiten teeth by up to 8 shades. This professional procedure is also a great option for patients who are going to special events such as weddings, graduations, or birthdays. Because treatment is so quick, patients can see a brighter smile in just several hours.

Teeth Whitening FAQs

Are professional whitening treatments permanent?

Teeth whitening isn’t a permanent cosmetic treatment. However, on average, in-office whitening treatments last for a year, so you shouldn’t need to have them whitened again for 12 months. Remember to avoid tooth-staining foods and beverages to maintain the best results possible.

How much is professional teeth whitening treatment?

The cost of your whitening treatment depends on the severity of your tooth discoloration and the type of treatment. At your consultation with Dr. Ribitch, he will provide you with an accurate cost breakdown of your whitening treatment.

Does insurance cover teeth whitening?

No, dental insurance doesn’t usually cover this procedure. It’s a cosmetic procedure that only improves the aesthetics of your teeth and doesn’t provide any oral health benefits.

Can I eat right after teeth whitening?

We recommend limiting certain foods and drinks directly after the procedure. For around 48-72 hours, the pores on your teeth are open, as this is how the bleaching process works. Avoid staining foods and drinks like strawberries, coffee, or red wine for that period, as your teeth are most vulnerable to discoloration.

Should I get a dental cleaning before or after whitening?

We recommend scheduling your teeth whitening session right after your dental cleaning in our office. The whitening treatment works best on teeth that are freshly cleaned without buildup. This ensures you get an even shade of white throughout your whole smile, without any splotches or areas that are different because they have plaque and tartar on them.

How long does it take for a professional whitening treatment?

Teeth whitening treatment in our office takes around 30-60 minutes. It depends on your current shade and how drastic you want the whitening effect. Some patients just respond to whitening treatment better than others, too. Getting the exact shade you’re looking for can take a bit longer.

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