Start Dental Care Early

Your child’s smile is precious, and keeping it healthy starts early. Going to the dentist when your child is still young is super important. You can set your child up for a lifetime of oral health success if you start good oral hygiene habits. Otherwise, they can fall victim to one of the more common chronic childhood illnesses: cavities. Yet, an early start to oral habits can improve their lifelong oral health journey. 

Baby Teeth: Small but Mighty

When your baby is about six months old, their first teeth start to come in. These tiny teeth might seem small, but they are crucial for talking and eating. Additionally, they make way for the grown-up teeth later on.

Why it matters: Keep an eye on your child’s baby teeth to make sure they’re growing right.

Stopping Cavities Early: Very Important

Cavities, which are little holes in teeth, can happen even in baby teeth. It’s called “baby bottle tooth decay” when sugary liquids stay on the teeth for too long. So, it’s smart to teach good tooth habits early.

What to do: Use sippy cups and avoid letting your child have a bottle for too long, especially at bedtime.

Teeth and Talking

Teeth help your child talk clearly. When they start talking more, their teeth play a big part in making the right sounds. Going to the dentist early can catch any problems with speech early on.

Tip: If your child has trouble talking, check with a kid’s dentist to see if their teeth are okay.

Eating Right for Healthy Growth

Healthy teeth help your child eat good food. As they start eating more than just baby food, their teeth help break down the food so they can grow strong and healthy.

Reminder: Encourage your child to eat a mix of fruits, veggies, and dairy for strong teeth.

Good Habits for a Happy Smile

Teaching your child to take care of their teeth early makes going to the dentist normal. Regular check-ups help keep their smile healthy.

What to do: Be a part of your child’s tooth routine to make it fun and easy.

Going to a nice dentist early helps your child feel okay about it later. It stops them from being scared and makes going to the dentist a good thing.

How to do it: Find a dentist who is good with kids and makes them feel comfy. Many dentists know how to help children with dental anxiety. They can help them relax and even have fun. 

Stopping Problems Before They Get Big

When you bring your child to the dentist early, it gives them an opportunity to find problems before they become big issues. If there’s something wrong, it’s better to know and fix it early. If your child is seven or older, it’s good to check with a dentist about their teeth.