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In the event of a dental emergency, call Dr. Raymond Ribitch’s Mount Pleasant dentist office at 989.268.7966. If your emergency is happening during business hours, call our office to discuss your concerns and schedule an appointment. We will return your message ASAP and attempt to schedule your appointment the next day. If your emergency is after hours call our office number and our answering service will work with you to contact the dentist on call.

Dental Emergency in Mount Pleasant, Michigan

Dental Emergency: FAQS

While it is always advisable to contact our office for advice in the event of tooth trauma or a dental emergency, here are some commonly asked questions that may help manage the situation until you can be seen.

What do I do if I have a dental emergency?

Call our dentist in Mount Pleasant, MI to seek immediate treatment. If you are experiencing a dire emergency dial 911. If you are excessively bleeding, call 911.

What do I do if I am experiencing severe tooth pain?

You can take an over-the-counter pain reliever to improve symptoms. Schedule an appointment with Dr. Ribitch if pain persists and apply a cold compress if you are experiencing swelling. In severe cases, your pain may be caused by tooth decay which can be treated in our office.

What do I do if my tooth gets knocked out?

If possible, retrieve the lost tooth and contact our office immediately. Lightly rinse the tooth and place it in a cup of saliva or milk for transport to us. A tooth that is preserved like this may be able to be replaced within one hour of loss. Dental implants, dental bridges, and dentures can also be used to replace the missing tooth if it cannot be rescued.

What do I do if my dental crown or filling breaks or falls out?

Contact our office and Dr. Ribitch will be able to construct and fit you with a new dental restoration. Do not attempt to re-glue your restoration or reach your crown or filling.

What do I do if my denture or dental bridge breaks?

If possible, schedule an appointment at our office and bring the broken appliance with you. Dr. Ribitch will help you to determine the best treatment plan for replacing the appliance.

What do I do if an object is stuck between my teeth?

Do not use any sharp objects to try to remove the object as it may damage the tooth or gums. Gently floss between the teeth to see if this can remove the object. Contact our office if you can not remove the object.

Can you go to the hospital for a dental emergency?

If you are in excruciating pain or experiencing excessive bleeding that will not stop, visit a hospital emergency room immediately. If you do not have these symptoms, call our dental office. We do our best to see emergency patients as soon as possible.

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