Teeth Whitening FAQs

Do you have dull, yellowed, or stained teeth? Are you looking for an effective whitening treatment to brighten your smile? Try professional teeth whitening treatment. Compared to store-bought gels, toothpaste, and whitening strips, patients can see results with our professional whitening treatment. Dr. Raymond Ribitch and his team at Mid Michigan Smiles offer teeth whitening to patients in Mount Pleasant, MI. This cosmetic dental treatment can whiten the enamel multiple shades in just one office visit. Brightening your smile can refresh your look and be great motivation for continual oral health and hygiene.

teeth whitening in Mount Pleasant, MI

Q&A: Teeth Whitening in Mount Pleasant, MI

Are you interested in teeth whitening treatment but have questions? Read answers to commonly asked questions about whitening treatment below:

What are the benefits of teeth whitening treatment?

With teeth whitening treatment, patients can remove years from their smiles. Our in-office whitening treatment is also quick and painless. In addition, patients who brighten their smiles are motivated to maintain their results. Because of this, patients stick to their oral hygiene routine for a whiter and healthier smile.

What is Zoom! whitening treatment like?

During Zoom! in-office whitening treatment, Dr. Ribitch ensures the teeth are clean before he applies a bleaching gel to the enamel. He activates the gel with a light, which ensures that the active ingredients in the gel penetrate the enamel. Then, Dr. Ribitch removes the gel. This process is repeated twice more for the best results.

When will I see results from teeth whitening treatment?

Patients who choose in-office teeth whitening treatment will see results after one visit. The entire Zoom! treatment takes less than two hours. As a result, in-office whitening is a great option for patients who have special events. Unlike take-home whitening options, in-office Zoom! whitening can show immediate results.

Can you whiten dental crowns?

We cannot whiten dental crowns because they are made of porcelain ceramic. Dental crowns, veneers, dental bonding, and other cosmetic options cannot be whitened. However, if you have dull, old tooth crowns, contact our office for a replacement. Crowns may be used to brighten teeth because they are color-matched to the shade of the smile.

Is teeth whitening treatment painful?

For many patients, whitening treatment is not painful. However, if you have highly sensitive teeth, professional whitening may not work for you. Sometimes, patients with sensitive teeth benefit from take-home professional whitening treatments with a lower concentration of bleaching agents.

Why do my teeth appear yellow?

Yellow teeth may have multiple causes. Tooth wear can expose dentin, the underlayer beneath the tooth enamel. Dentin can make the teeth appear discolored and even yellow. Nicotine and tobacco products also easily yellow the enamel. Certain foods and beverages that are high in tannins or contain chromogens can cause staining. Wine, tea, coffee, and berries can cause yellowing.

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